Hi, it’s me, Jesus…

…but my name is actually Joshua.

Can we start over?

Yeshua correctly translated is Joshua not Jesus. The name of Jesus has so much baggage attached to it, I wonder if Yeshua himself would like to leave it behind and start again. Yeshua means to “cry out to the Lord for help”. Lord is another emotionally packed word that evokes hostility in many because of it’s misuse and even historical, non-religious connotation. What would be it’s replacement? How about awaken in us our connection to our life source? Maybe.

I want to start over, I want help people realize even the Bible is wrought with corruption because it was used by men for gain. I wish we could go back to  the time of Yeshua and hear him again, hear how he values Mary Magdalene and the other women and take his message more seriously, more thoughtfully. As the Gospel of Thomas says, “those with ears to hear”, I want to be one of those who heard.

If I let my mind drift back to that time, if I focus on feeling the fine sand beneath my feet and the dry heat of the day, if I feel the sun on my face and the water in the Jordan river, if I stop to hear what he said, a picture emerges, love emanates from him, he exudes goodness and wholeness. He drew near to us then as I think he does now, if we don’t put words in his mouth, but we just listen. If we don’t busy our communication with one-sided conversation, we can hear him. I can hear him.

They are being fooled by a wolf breathing fire from his nostrils.

I am in his mouth, but his words are not mine.

I love.



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