The Spirituality of Stepping in Dog Poo

Cleaning off my shoe once again after stepping in dog poo, I am drawn to the spiritual link to every day life. What is the link and how do we become more conscious of our connection to spirit during the very mundane times in our lives – even when we step in dog poo.

Dog poo happens, bad days happen, busy-ness happens and I feel like it is compartmentalized from the “communion” time I have with God. While in meditation, or consciously noticing nature and thinking how beautiful it is as a part of my world and me a part of its world, I can be conscious of my connection to source. So what about the dog poo times?

I am always connected to God, I always think about God from the time I wake up until I go to bed, in and out of direct realization of the connection I have to God as source. Maybe that is all it is about – conscious acknowledgement. I am alive and as such, I am connected to God who animates me – in times of dog poo or no dog poo.

Misty and Gretel, who provide the dog poo on my shoe….




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