Will the real “Jesus” please stand up.

What if in following “Jesus”, we are really following Satan?

The mere thought gives me pause, but what if it is true? Christianity was hijacked just a few decades after Jesus’ death, the Apostles were melding Jesus teachings into their own traditions – as anyone of us would likely do. The Gospels were written 50+ years after the death of Jesus and by the time we fast forward to the 4th century and Emperor Constantine things couldn’t have been worse for the actual teachings of Jesus.  Constantine Romanized the Church in order to save the Roman Empire, killed off all of his opponents and so went the rest of history. All of the early Church councils were convoked by the Emperors and many times the seated Popes didn’t even attend – when Church doctrine was being decided! Any Popes that were in opposition were also restrained, I am thinking of Pope Virgilius jailed for 4 and a half years for being unwilling to signed a proclamation drafted by Emperor Justinian denying that Jesus taught reincarnation.

Let me restate that  – the Pope wouldn’t support the Emperor in saying Jesus did NOT teach reincarnation, meaning: JESUS TAUGHT REINCARNATION! Origen, an early father of the Church, wrote extensively on reincarnation – as Jesus taught – but he was He was anathematised at the Second Council of Constantinople and his works destroyed. What political power can be gained if people think they have “do overs” in a next life?

Jesus name wasn’t even Jesus that is a Greek twist, Yeshua is translated as Joshua.

Joshua came to expose the pharisees and the sadducees and oppose the unreasonable laws they held over the people and to oppose the exclusion of anyone from the temple. Prophecy had waned and the High Priests gained in political power and religious authority as “interpreters” of the sacred books or interpreters and enforcers of the law. Judaism became a “religion of the book”  a religion of laws and that is what Joshua was fighting against.

Satan’s plan was to corrupt Joshua’s followers. We need to look carefully and insightfully at what we believe and make sure it makes sense. We too, need to fight against religions of the laws of men and fight even harder against years of indoctrination and corruption and make sure we have not been misled.

I think we have been misled.The mysteries of “faith” are beyond belief. We need to wake up and take responsibility for our beliefs. Churches of prosperity are churches of false gods, the catholic church is a church of false gods, bible based churches are churches of false gods.We need to look at the lessons of early Christianity and sift through the rubble -it is there we will find the “pearl of great value”.

Joshua appeared in my broken phone, here is a picture:.

Jesus in Cell Phone 2009



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