Mirror Neurons

Mirror neurons are a relatively new discovery – 1980’s – 1990’s  that seem to indicate there are cells in our brains that mirror what we see as if we are actually doing the activity. Mirror neurons are also being linked to empathy and our ability to “feel” for another because our mirror neurons are activated and in a way, we can actually feel what we see another going through.

This perhaps is the link between all living things and how we are “all one”. If we can experience at a cellular level what another experiences by seeing what they are doing or see what is happening to them, on a sub-conscious level it is happening to us as well.

This gives rise to the teaching of Joshua (Yeshua) with regard to guarding our thoughts. If we are thinking about an action, he was referring to “lust in our hearts,” we are doing the action. We must zealously guard what we allow into our minds through our thoughts, but also what we watch on TV and at the movies. What we see, we can become, thoughts become actions. Just as illness first begins on a spiritual level before it manifests in the physical realm, so do our thoughts about our selves and others.

Guard your thoughts, re-train the way you think, watch what you let into your mind, it is the first step toward raising your vibration and your level of consciousness.




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