Yes, Virginia, there is a God

and it is the only being there is and this is the importance of the scientific rediscovery of God.

God is consciousness itself and it is an infinite set of possibilities, a wave of possibility. Consciousness is a non-local event and it unifies the universe and all that is contained in it.

God consciousness remains a difficult concept to understand until you recognize first that we are referring to quantum possibilities and quantum possibilities are consciousness itself, which is the ground of all being. All potential can and is contained in consciousness and we as co-creators create the universe by selecting the potential to activate and manifest. Our creating is our choosing from among the quantum possibilities the one unique facet that becomes the experience of our actuality. God consciousness is at the same time, non-local and cosmic or universal, even as it relates to two people’s local experience. Both people access and choose from the universal God consciousness and when this choice combines with local individual experience, the end result is a multitude of different local experiences.The manifested resultant experience is then unique each time and in the best circumstances, selfless and without conflict.

God consciousness is downward application of choice and is unpredictably exerted (if it were predictable, a mathematical model could be constructed for it, and the choice would be predictable and freewill would be nullified), but our ordinary state of local consciousness integrates experiences, karma attachments etc. and the predictability is resolved. The ego is the mechanism for the local (not universal) response which in sum is the individual experience

The new science tells us that the universal consciousness, God, and we as individuals are not really separate. The appearance of separateness of God, the world, and individuals is just that – an appearance – and it is the real illusion.

God is universal potential that is ever present and works in tandem with our individual experience to create the world.We do not need to be “saved” as the common belief would tell us, we have never been separated from God and nor can we ever be separated from God.

This is the first step to letting go of the ties that bind through religious indoctrination. We are safe, we are ever connected, we do not need to be saved.




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