Be Brave

I was watching a youtube interview with Doreen Virtue who is an American author and   the founder of Angel Therapy, a type of New Age therapy based “on the premise that communicating with angels is the key to healing.” She said, essentially, in order to identify and accomplish your mission you had to be brave enough to admit who you are and what you are trying to do. It made sense to me and I have been working hard at figuring out what I believe and why and what truth means to me. My passion is spirituality, it always has been and I have been seeking truth and understanding for 30+ years.

As a child, I used to meditate in first grade, waiting for the other kids to arrive in the classroom. Of course I never realized I was meditating, but when my teacher asked me to explain to the class why I was so well behaved, I started to explain how I stared until a calmness came over me and then I saw lots of colors. She quickly shut me up and that has been a life long lesson – don’t tell people what you see, don’t tell people what you hear and feel. I have vivid memories of out of body experiences – flying and touching the tops of trees – very wonderful freeing memories. I have astro-projected to the top of a tree to see a hawk and remember running in my dreams – but not running – I was swiftly floating across the floor.

I am a sensitive person and I just realized it is because I actually am a sensitive person. I can feel and intuit what others are feeling and sometimes it is startling and sometimes it is sad, a lot of the time it is overwhelming.

I know there is more to spirituality, I sometimes want to stand up and yell, “No! that is not right!” But I don’t, I continue seeking, trying to verify that what I intuit to be true in actuality is really truth.

I had a religious guru recently tell me I am the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. He said I reincarnate every life time waiting to come forward and speak up and finish what needs to be done, help people elevate and see the truth. He asked if I was going to do it this time, it was up to me. Maybe, I said, not even fully being able to comprehend what he had told me. I can say that I do feel like I was there when Yeshua walked the earth, I can remember like it was my experience – the surroundings, the heat of the day, the smells. And I intuit we are off track with what is being said about Yeshua’s teachings today.

If I am MM, here is what I would tell you. Because someone else tells you they believe something doesn’t make it valid, doesn’t make it more true than what you believe. Yeshua did say he was leaving, but the holy spirit would be left to teach us from the inside. All we need to know is already in our hearts.

Religious indoctrination has sullied his teachings, violence perpetuated on people to change their beliefs in the name of God would have never been his way. Apathy and acceptance wouldn’t have been either. I am a Spiritual Activist and so was he, he told people what they didn’t want to hear because it was the truth. I am telling you that too, the bible has been corrupted by men as have all religions. Look inside yourself, the truth is there, it starts and ends with love.

The highest truth is what we should seek.

pink rose in fence


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