Finding Truth

There is so much evidence to prove that the bible has been corrupted and it really takes very little research in our technological age to find it, evidence as old as the bible itself. I think that is why Yeshua never wrote anything down, it makes it hard, but at the same time it gives us the freedom to look critically at the words that were written down. Scholars spend years interpreting verses, they call it “exegesis”, the systematic dissection of words relating to phrases, relating to passages relating to previous books in the bible and relating to the timeframe the bible was written. (One point, I took a graduate level course on the Old Testament, it was painful). What’s the point? The same as it has always been – to justify their beliefs, that their understanding is correct and they can prove it by their painstaking over-analysis.

It doesn’t prove anything, they are missing the point when the prerequisite is that nothing they discover in their thoughtful analysis contradicts accepted dogma – so again, what’s the point?

It has allowed the spirit of Yeshua’s words to be frozen and die, not live in our hearts like they were meant to. His words were supposed to be active – we were supposed to be active participants in the lessons he was teaching and he wasn’t teaching be obedient to the lawmakers, he was teaching love and compassion and empathy. Sometimes I think empathy is the most important because understanding someone with an open heart leads to love. And he said if someone does not receive what you are telling them, walk away, they are not ready for what you are telling them. He never said kill, confine, indoctrinate force on them what you believe until they believe it too, he said walk away, they are not ready. Be at peace.

It is radical to say the bible is corrupt and it is hard. If you say it is you can not use the words, phrases and parts you like and say, well the rest is wrong. You have to leave it all behind, otherwise you are no better. The church cherry picks what it wants to emphasize as truth and leaves the rest – example – we no longer support slavery so we don’t condone the phrases that reference slaves being obedient to their masters. The church wants women to stay in their place so every year we resurrect and emphasize husbands being the head of the house and women needing to be obedient to them – isn’t that the model of the church? And they they call it “natural order”. Please revisit Yeshua’s relationship with the women in his life and mostly remember Mary Magdalene, the apostle to the apostles. The church turned her into a whore. She wasn’t. I’m not.

If you want to read something closer to the truth, read the Gospel of St Thomas, written by Leloup or Malachi. If it makes you feel better, this Gospel vied with the Gospel of John for inclusion in the canonical bible, it hasn’t been corrupted because it was found much later hidden and preserved.


Frozen Rose


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