Hurting People

I have had some experience with soul retrieval, I had a friend who practiced shamanism and introduced me to the practice. Then I had my own experience. I truly believe there are a lot of hurting people out there who don’t understand why they feel broken, like a piece of  them is missing – they feel incomplete, not whole. That wound is how we experienced soul loss. We wander through life trying to identify and fill this void we feel with relationships, activities, work and sadly alcohol and drugs. Left unfulfilled we cry out in the night looking for relief and are left wondering, in this beautiful world of opportunity, why we limp along with a hole in our hearts. I have felt this, we all have.

I was meditating one day and was visited by 3 souls who identified themselves as “Soul Keepers”. They have been waiting to reintegrate souls separated through time because of religious trauma. When a person is traumatized by witnessing or being a direct victim of violence, a piece of their soul can literally run and hide.The Soul Keepers have been collecting and fostering these soul fragments waiting for a time when fear of persecution has passed and they can come forward to help people rejoin their souls and move forward in completion.

All indigenous and ancient peoples have a soul keeper who collects hidden soul fragments and protects them in soul resonance pods. I was approached by a dark-skinned man with painted red hands and forearms and blue biceps. He had white markings on his face and when he came for me we pulled a twisted cord out of the ground. We untwisted it and it revealed all the soul fragments that had been safely rolled in the twisted cord for safe keeping. The second Soul Keeper was a native american with a white feather head-dress. His soul fragments were carried safely in a wagon he pulled behind him. He too is waiting to reunite the souls. Lastly, Mother Mary came to me. She was wearing a cloak and on the inside were all the souls held like teardrops that were hiding inside. She had teardrops on her face as well which were also clinging to her for protection.They all wait for the souls to come and claim them.

Healing Journey tomorrow.

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