Healing Journey

To heal we need to understand where the soul experienced soul loss and that can be found in the chamber of wounds. I believe the root of many wounds people are suffering from is religious persecution and indoctrination. Any person with lineage in Europe during the time of the great crusades or in the Muslim world, Asia or any where else there was domination and persecution is carrying with them soul loss from witnessing or being victimized by that experience. The chamber of wounds – contained in the heart – holds the emptiness and loss as a void waiting to be filled by soul re-integration. The Universal Law is the simple way. Life was not meant to be difficult or filled with anxiety, we have been programmed that way by soul loss.

The chamber of treasures holds tools and gifts to help us regain access to our lost soul fragments and access to the Soul Keepers – that too is contained in the heart. Soul re-integration is a process that you can undertake yourself to ultimately reunite your soul with its divided parts. It starts by recognizing you are safe here. Like a little child or baby animal that is frightened and hiding, your soul fragment is waiting for you. It has been kept safe by one of the Soul Keepers. Recognize that you have been conditioned by years of indoctrination over many lifetimes that has embedded in your DNA. Shining the light of recognition on this is the first step to reintegration.

Next, in quiet contemplation when you won’t be disturbed, call to your lost soul fragment, gently coaxing it to come back to you. You are safe, so it too is safe. Ask which Soul Keeper is helping you – the indigenous man with red hands, blue forearms and white face with soul fragments protected in the Earth – maybe you feel a particular connection to Mother Earth, or the Native American pulling a wagon he has keep safe and covered, lastly, perhaps your soul fragment is a tear on Mother Mary’s cloak. Ask it to come back, hold it gently, feel it enter your heart and fill the void there. You are being saved from the confusion and pain of cultural conditioning and have nothing to lose. Press your hands over your heart and welcome it home.

Treat yourself kindly, you deserve it.

Questions? Please comment.

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