Leaving the Catholic Church Behind

Yikes! It has been a long and arduous journey to and now from the Catholic Church. I think a necessary one, I truly feel at this point I have left no stone un-turned, I have reaped the rewards of a blossoming spirituality and have grown to love and now wistfully leave what once was my Mother Church.She served me well and continues to serve others, I can not deny that, but I think at this point she is a ship with too many ropes tied in knots that can’t be undone that are leaving her stuck and struggling.

She has managed through her minions, the priesthood, to dominate and bully people into staying in the church through long tested and effective methods that keep people chained to the pews some happily and willingly, some fearfully – and I think  that is simply the product of where one is from a consciousness perspective. Should the Church just cease to be? Some may say yes, I can not though, she serves those who like structure and feel that if they do what the Church tells them they will be ok in this and subsequent lifetimes whatever they will be. She gives hope to those who need it and can benefit from the type of organization she provides.

But in this as with other examples, your strength can be your weakness and if we look far back in time, we see a burgeoning Church become “structured”, but by the Romans not by those disciples of Christ and that has been our legacy.

For devotees who love the candles, the rituals, the comfort of the Easter Triduum and Christmas it.is.so.hard.to.leave. I get it. But when you are ready it can be done. You can be a co-creator with God as you are meant to be instead of a passive congregant waiting in the pews for the buzz, the intimacy of connection to God to happen to you. God is calling co-creators not lawmakers and sheep obedient to those man-made laws. S/He wants lovers – lovers of life and people and healers and to empower them to evolve spiritually and reach out to her/him without an intermediary. Yeshua waits with Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, I think he cries at times because “the waters of baptism are being wasted” wasted on passivity, apathy and by those sitting in the pews.



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