Giving up negativity for Lent

As we begin a Lenten journey we recognize that it is a time of preparation, of readiness. It is a period that demonstrably lets us focus on readying ourselves spiritually and for 40 days, divorcing ourselves from the physical world enough to allow time for the spiritual. As we contemplate what to “sacrifice” to unite ourselves with God maybe the most important thing we can do is give up negativity. We create our own reality as co-creators with God – he gave us free will. Maybe we should intentionally point it away from negativity and uplift it to the higher spiritual realms. In doing so we not only change ourselves and how we see the world, but those around us because we see them in a more positive non-judgmental light. It becomes a ripple effect that raises the vibration of all around us.

When we put our thoughts to the higher vibration, they become hymns that reveal the understanding of the Spirit within us, that neither cuts off our spirit nor those around us, but enlightens and brings forth the positive presence of the light (of God). ~ Pistis Sophia p. 232




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