Rise to the Place Souls are Being Rescued

Thought for Lent:

What is the point unless something changes? Unless we change and are elevated there is no point to Lent. It is evolution, we are rising spiritually just as Mary Magdalene did, not from a repentant whore to a non-sinner, but as a human operating from her lower chakras to living from a higher place – to living from her heart chakra and above. From there she could see we are all one, she could see that the physical realm is an illusion, what we make of it ourselves, what we project that we think we see.

The only way to move up and expand is by moving up and expanding. Living from a place where you control you thoughts and emotions. Think positively, don’t feed your self with your negative thoughts or anyone else’s. That’s where it starts, there is no magic formula.When we start redirecting our thoughts, God responds, the universe responds and like a magnet positivity is drawn toward us. The converse is also true, negativity draws negativity and the more we wallow in negativity the more gets dumped into the pigpen of our lives with us.

Souls are being rescued by rising up to a higher level and then the hand of God reaches down to help pull them up. As Yeshua said, guard your thoughts, it all begins there.



An image of a globular cluster taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. (NASA)


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