Be a Magnet for Pure Light

Just as magnets lose can lose their magnetism, we too can corrode our ability to attract the Pure Light into our lives. We can become spiritually dimmed and can be open to negative energies that would normally be dispelled by the pure light of God. Yeshua personified activated the Higher Truth which is able to reach into our realm of chaos and send the energy needed for our transformation. Higher truth is where Grace and Truth have met and Righteousness and Peace have kissed each other. (PS 118:10) The spirit of Higher Truth brings us to a place of higher resonance into the light. It is here we experience the Peace of the Divine. By being a magnet for pure light we pull down the vibration of the Eternal Light and it wraps us like a mother with her child, we are wrapped within the vibration of God.

The Holy Spirit is the vehicle that brings peace and unless peace manifests within us, we are merely lifeless matter. When we sing together, Pray together, Work together in harmony we create an energy vortex that draws the Light of God. Being at peace, singing of peace, being at peace in our relationships will draw the Pure Light to us.

Peace brings forth the power to step through pain and fear and to experience heaven.



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