Lenten Spring

At first I was thinking that the season of Lent seems more congruous with Autumn than Spring, the ashes, the introspection, the time of darkness and waiting. Then I realized, Spring is that time, when buried bulbs and flowers are starting to awaken, they are starting to feel the warm of the light penetrating deep into the ground and gently rousing them from their long winters sleep. I am reminded that is how our souls react to the light of God gently and slowly waking us up to the realization we are not alone. We hibernate sometimes deeply in the shell of our bodies using it as a barrier against the world. But even as we hide, the Holy Spirit draws us out almost vibrating us awake, inviting us to be part of the whole. We are tender shoots, peeking out timidly from behind ourselves, letting God see us for who he already know we are. “Don’t be afraid,” s/he might say, “come into the light where the waters of baptism have washed your tears and my light can blot out any stains on your soul.”

Red Foliage fall


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