Religious Obedience and the Development of Early Religions

Fear is a good motivator. With fear and violence you gain followers because you force them into submission. The more power you get the more you crave and the more demanding you become.

Early Christianity was hijacked by the Romans, by the Emperor Constantine, to bolster his failing empire. It worked. He organized the Church like the Roman Empire with Archbishops, Bishops, Metropolitans all the way down to serfdoms (dioceses) and Serfs (Priests). He created a new set of rulers, but this time he had God on his side. Historically, Pharaohs and Emperors were considered “gods,” but the time of governmentally enforced obedience was waning and he needed a new strategy. Enter Christianity. Join forces with the new Christians and empower them, the religious men and political men wanting control and power. Share, grow more powerful, control the empire. The crusades became an effective tool of enforcement – obey or die. Root out “unbelievers” or those who would not comply and kill them in the name of God. Tell them how to pray, what words to use (after all people were mostly illiterate then), make them confess their wrongdoings to a priest so they know what is happening and you have ultimate control. Define acceptable relationships, define marriage, education (or not) how to treat other members of society, pay “Caesar what is due Caesar” i.e. taxes, be obedient to rulers that “God has put over you”. Reward them for obedience, tell them you are protecting them and you have the beginning of centuries of indoctrination.

Islam demands the same obedience, strict adherence, but with a nuance – that you kill the infidels – the non-believers. It dictates how, when, where and what to pray. It monitors compliance and depending on where you live, my kill you cruelly for not following the rules. Same society definitions, organization and punishment for breaking these man-made rules. Enforced obedience, bought into by a society with little choice. Might does sometimes wins over what is right.

What did Yeshua say?

You are my friends, follow me and I will give you peace, I will free you from what it tying you down.

Love your neighbors and your enemies. Don’t be victims, help when you can and where you can, but remember, no matter what someone is doing, their core being is spirit and lovable.

Control your thoughts, don’t think or dwell on negativity – it attracts more negativity. It is just self-discipline. Be more careful of what you feed your mind than what you feed your body. Don’t worry. Dwelling in fear can manifest the feared outcome.

Let love be your test of truth. Is what I am thinking, doing, saying, loving? Does what I am thinking or doing cause peace or division? Am I forcing or manipulating someone into thinking of believing what I believe because what I believe is right or more important? Or am I inviting someone to listen, to hear and think for themselves freely.

The approach is key, is a leader inviting people to follow them or trying to force by intimidation of fear? If the latter, it is not true, it is not the way.





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