Spiritual Discernment in the Age of Social Media

The good news is there is lots of information available, the bad new is there is lots of information available. If you are serious about finding a good spiritual path that works for you, how do you discern the good from the bad, the good from  the evil,  the charlatans from the authentic?

Yeshua said follow me, you are my friends, you decide. I think that is a good place to start. You decide, you research, you explore, but then in the end you decide. Free will.

If you don’t follow me you will __________(fill in the blank). Threats, coercion or fear tactics are a signal that this is likely not a good path.

You have to do, say, recite, believe everything I tell you even if you don’t think its right or true – all in the name of obedience. Not allowed to think, understand or internalize and does not recognize free will –  not the right path.

I will protect you from _________ and without me you are at risk. Fear again, not cool.

Give me your money to show your commitment, Jesus wants you to plant a seed so you can prosper, what you give you will get back 10 fold, planting a seed spreads the true word of God. Definitely the wrong path.

Pay for miracles, absolution, special oils, amulets, water and  this will free you from your problems. Nope, this is not a good path.

Touch the TV screen and you will be saved! Yikes!

Ask yourself this…saved FROM WHAT?

Did God send his only son – who by the way is God – to save you from the wrath imposed by himself for not agreeing to follow him and be saved from….himself? Sigh, we need to think and not just continue in our old habitual ways.

Yeshua did say follow me, I will give you peace. He wants us to understand his teachings so we can free ourselves from negativity, from unhealthy attachments, from things tying us down and upsetting us and keeping us from living. It’s all in what we chose to think about – which should be love, health, peace and avoiding conflict. It starts and ends with us. It’s not the Bible which is a corrupted document or the age old dogmatic indoctrination. He sent us the Holy Spirit to lead us from inside ourselves – when he left. That is the true teacher.

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