How to Connect to God

Be authentic.

We are not called to be obedient, we are called to be authentic. We were each given gifts that we were meant to use to better the world, to help us rise together, peacefully, joyfully. Life is not meant to be a competition, it is meant to be a journey where we learn lessons – life lessons and we improve the quality of our lives.

Connecting with God is as simple as recognizing we have never lost our connection. Stand in the light as in a bright beam of sunlight, feel the warmth of God coming into you and coming out from you. You are not separate from God and you never have been, you are looking for the forest while you are standing in the forest – God is all around you and in you and in everything.

We all have spiritual gifts we were born with, we all bring our own brand of peace and love and we cultivate that by not being judgmental, by just being and letting others just be. God does not want you to be “prosperous” or “wealthy” or to have “things”. We are misled by our attraction to these shiny things – they mean nothing, they are roadblocks, impediments to accomplishing our true life goals. Raise each other up, lift each other, dance in the spirit, heal each other with the gifts we already have, but have forgotten to use.

Yeshua is not our “lord” he is our brother and our friend. He said he could give us peace that the world can’t provide, lasting peace that makes us content and not feeling empty and alone. God is all around us, God is helping us all the time, we don’t need to be saved, we are safe already.

We are safe, we don’t need to be afraid, we are well, we are happy, everything else is truly an illusion, a lie. There are forces out there that want to plant seeds of fear, pain, sickness, sadness and make us think we are not happy, that we are unhealthy, that our lives are LESS than they COULD be. It is not  true.

Be authentic. Be you. Don’t be afraid.

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