I am a Spiritual Activist with a B.A. in Philosophy and an unfinished Graduate Degree in Theology.  My goal is to continue the work of Joshua (Yeshua), end religious indoctrination and heal people. The next step is re-engaging spirit in an active and dynamic way. We are to be co-creators with God, our individual consciousness accesses God consciousness to make new and unique experiences. Joshua was a Spiritual Activist too and his goal was to end religious tyranny and reawaken people as individual consciousness united with God consciousness.

It seems I have spent a lifetime trying to understand spirituality. My path has led me from Philosophy, to Buddhism, to Catholicism and now to early Christianity. Violent indoctrination has played a vital role in the development of Christianity and guilt and fear are the instruments of its sustainability. Like birds following an ingrained migratory pattern, our DNA, our very essence has been stamped by years of persecution and our ability to reason to come to a logical conclusion has been replaced by the unquestioned “mystery of faith”.

We live in a time when we may fear social isolation, but persecution is largely something in the past for most of the Western world. We have an opportunity to stop and truly evaluate that which we have been taught to believe and try to understand what is truly authentic. We have an obligation to look beyond simple acceptance and know why we believe what we believe. We need to unravel years of indoctrination and step back with the critical 21st century eyes we use to understand the rest of our world and look deeply at our faith.

A creator God is undeniable, a source, an originator, but how we approach this God may be a whole new world. Let’s begin again.



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  1. Hi … very interesting that I saw this page today because I could not find the About button when I visited yesterday. Interesting because only today I read “..The scribes profession increases his wisdom”. (Sirach 38.24 cf)
    I stumbled on that verse whilst contemplating the focus of my blog (assignment under Blogging 201 course).
    And later on in the day I stumbled on this page.
    I too have kept a journal for a long time but have not ‘shared’ it on my blog. it seemed too personal. Seeing your comment that your blogging created a conversion experience … makes me reflect further. Maybe I need to ‘share’ more .. I am open to the Spirit leading me.
    I have read many of your posts ..very absorbing!! I see we read the same spiritual giants .. Augustine.. Merton .. Chardin…
    Will be back.

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    • Hey thanks for your comments and I totally understand where you are coming from. It truly has been an unexpected conversion experience for me and I continue with what seems to be a daily conversion. I can say my heart doesn’t ache like it once did, I find my conversion experiences more about remembering I have a home now instead of trying to find one. Sharing has been interesting, I feel like I am somehow conversing when I release my thoughts out rather than keeping them in a journal and private. I try and guard myself from being narcissistic and try and ask for inspiration on what I write. Loved your scripture verse “..the scribes profession increasing his wisdom”, thanks for sharing and thanks for commenting. Gives me encouragement to keep writing. We should all take the time to comment on blogs we enjoy reading. Enjoy your day. God’s blessings to you.

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  2. Thank you for your like of my post, “Such A Nice Wedding.” I appreciate your dropping by. Please have a blessed day.


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