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Breaking Free

We need to stop. We really need to stop perpetuating the narrative that has been enslaving us all for millennia. Christianity makes no sense and there is no reason not to say so. Again, God sent his only son, who also was God, to save us from – himself? This doesn’t work. There is no mystery of faith, it just makes no sense.

Jesus did not institute a religion, he came and said the laws of the pharisees and the sadducees kept everyone in bondage. He didn’t say replace it with new laws, he said he came to fulfill the law, to bring it to completion. Jesus never said, “bow down to me and worship me as your Lord” – ever. He didn’t say kneel before me because I am a king. He actually said call no man “father” so maybe all of the priests out there need to stop and reconsider. He didn’t say women were inferior – he held them in high esteem contrary to all social norms of his time.

So why is our practice of Christianity based on things that don’t make sense?

He said he came to save us, but from what? Eternal damnation from…himself? Maybe he was saving us from ourselves. Maybe he stepped in to re-orient us to a better way of living and existing on this planet AND how to align ourselves with the spiritual realm that exists beyond this physical world. He told us you reap what you sow, our actions have consequences. Origen, a second century Christian theologian, claimed that Jesus taught the concept of reincarnation. The power brokers of his time declared him anathema and many of his works were destroyed. From the early days of Christianity, a movement to shape it for personal gain had already begun. The Bible was corrupted from the beginning and conversion by force became the new religion’s weapon. 2000 years later it is embedded in our DNA and we are once again slaves – just as when Yeshua came to free us.

Yeshua left us with the Holy Spirit to teach us. Mary Magdalene was in direct contact with that spirit. How can we reconnect? Do we know when we encounter the divine? We have forgotten how to trust our own intuition and understand we too, can be in contact with the Holy Spirit.