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How to Connect to God

Be authentic.

We are not called to be obedient, we are called to be authentic. We were each given gifts that we were meant to use to better the world, to help us rise together, peacefully, joyfully. Life is not meant to be a competition, it is meant to be a journey where we learn lessons – life lessons and we improve the quality of our lives.

Connecting with God is as simple as recognizing we have never lost our connection. Stand in the light as in a bright beam of sunlight, feel the warmth of God coming into you and coming out from you. You are not separate from God and you never have been, you are looking for the forest while you are standing in the forest – God is all around you and in you and in everything.

We all have spiritual gifts we were born with, we all bring our own brand of peace and love and we cultivate that by not being judgmental, by just being and letting others just be. God does not want you to be “prosperous” or “wealthy” or to have “things”. We are misled by our attraction to these shiny things – they mean nothing, they are roadblocks, impediments to accomplishing our true life goals. Raise each other up, lift each other, dance in the spirit, heal each other with the gifts we already have, but have forgotten to use.

Yeshua is not our “lord” he is our brother and our friend. He said he could give us peace that the world can’t provide, lasting peace that makes us content and not feeling empty and alone. God is all around us, God is helping us all the time, we don’t need to be saved, we are safe already.

We are safe, we don’t need to be afraid, we are well, we are happy, everything else is truly an illusion, a lie. There are forces out there that want to plant seeds of fear, pain, sickness, sadness and make us think we are not happy, that we are unhealthy, that our lives are LESS than they COULD be. It is not  true.

Be authentic. Be you. Don’t be afraid.

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Be a Magnet for Pure Light

Just as magnets lose can lose their magnetism, we too can corrode our ability to attract the Pure Light into our lives. We can become spiritually dimmed and can be open to negative energies that would normally be dispelled by the pure light of God. Yeshua personified activated the Higher Truth which is able to reach into our realm of chaos and send the energy needed for our transformation. Higher truth is where Grace and Truth have met and Righteousness and Peace have kissed each other. (PS 118:10) The spirit of Higher Truth brings us to a place of higher resonance into the light. It is here we experience the Peace of the Divine. By being a magnet for pure light we pull down the vibration of the Eternal Light and it wraps us like a mother with her child, we are wrapped within the vibration of God.

The Holy Spirit is the vehicle that brings peace and unless peace manifests within us, we are merely lifeless matter. When we sing together, Pray together, Work together in harmony we create an energy vortex that draws the Light of God. Being at peace, singing of peace, being at peace in our relationships will draw the Pure Light to us.

Peace brings forth the power to step through pain and fear and to experience heaven.


Treat others as we wish to be treated. That’s all.

My daughter was reading this essay as part of her Peace and Diversity studies class. it says a lot, below is an excerpt, link to full essay at the end.

It is impossible to fill a vessel with what is important if it is already filled with what is useless.  It is necessary first to pour out what is useless.  It is the same with the acquisition of the true Christian teaching.  We must first understand that all the stories about how God created the world six thousand years ago, how Adam sinned, how the human race fell, how the son of God and God Himself, born of a virgin, came into the world and redeemed it, all the fables of the Bible and of the Gospel, all the lives of the saints, and the stories of miracles and relics are nothing but a coarse mixing up of the superstitions of the Jewish nation with the deceptions of the clergy.  Only for a man who is completely free from these deceptions can the simple and clear teaching of Christ, which demands no interpretations and is self-comprehensible, be accessible and comprehensible.

This teaching says nothing about the beginning or the end of the world, nor of God and His intentions, and in general nothing about what we cannot know and need not know, but speaks only of what a man has to do in order to be saved: to pass the life into which he has come in this world in the best manner possible, from his birth to his death.  For this purpose we need only treat others as we wish to be treated.  In this alone does the law and the prophets consist, as Christ has said.  To do so, we need no images, no relics, no divine services, no priests, no sacred histories, no catechisms, and no governments.  On the contrary, what we need is liberation from all that, because only the man who is free from those fables which the priests give out to him as the only truth, and only the man who is not bound to other people by promises to act as they want him to act, can treat others as he wishes to be treated by them.  Only in that case will a man be able to do, not his own will, nor that of others, but the will of God.

But the will of God consists, not in fighting and oppressing others, but in recognizing all men as brothers and serving one another.

~ Leo Tolstoy

If you want to read the entire essay:



Mary Magdalene, Journey through the Chakras

Jesus never truly taught any particular belief system.He called all of his disciples, male and female, his friends and there really was no established hierarchy among them while he was on Earth. He invited those of his time to go beyond the law and beyond dogma. He spent his time with all of the people considered unworthy by  society and deliberately sought out the company of men and women, to teach, to spend time with and to uplift.

Mary Magdalene was said to be cured of seven demons, what if the demons were of the observers making? As a woman Mary Magdalene was considered inferior, one whose sole purpose was serving men and of procreation. Society was firmly lodged in the root chakra; survival and rules for living defined their existence. She was seen as a temptress and labelled a prostitute even though there is no evidence to suggest she was – perhaps it is how men of ancient times viewed women and focused on the energy of the second chakra associated with sexuality. When we examine the visceral response Peter and the other apostles had toward the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene we can identify the energy of the sacral chakra. Jesus confided in her at times, over the other male apostles and shared “secret knowledge” with her  which elicited jealousy, rage and feelings of in adequacy in them. These feelings and reactions were not her demons, but rather theirs, their projection on to her of what they were actually experiencing. We now know that the imbalance of energy in any chakra leads to misaligned experience within the realm that chakra is led to manifest.The apostles reaction and historical reaction to Mary Magdalene was that of misaligned energy leading to projection of what the observers were experiencing.

Mary Magdalene was guilty of a grievous sin, but not what she was accused of, her sin was that of a woman possessing knowledge at a time when women were not worthy.Jesus chose her to be at his side during his death and to be the witness to his resurrection. She becomes the founder of Christianity because of her witness of Jesus conquering death of self. Jesus finds Mary Magdalene worthy and leads her through the seven chakras purifying her so she can become the witness to the resurrection – he realigns her energy centers to focus on higher aspects and she responds because of her degree of increasing purity.She can see the spiritual truth that exists in all things and becomes the virgin of light.She is able to see his mission, but sadly the world was not ready to hear and learn from her.

Only through a reconciliation with the feminine that she began will we be able to align ourselves with a higher level of being and start to transcend the projections and misguided perceptions we all all hold in this world. It is at that time, through our own conquering of self we will find lasting peace.

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May the battered doors to peace be somehow opened

In trying to understand how we possibly move from the situation we find ourselves in with Islamic terrorists, I am drawn to the words of Thich Nhat Hanh and Jesus. The solutions would not satisfy any urges for revenge that linger, but nor does revenge restore peace. I think the only recourse to ending the violence is protracted, but at the same time the only solution is understanding.

From Going Home, Jesus and Buddha as Brothers, Thich Nhat Hanh:

“..the Buddha should help Jesus restore himself completely. Jesus should also help the Buddha restore himself completely because Jesus and the Buddha are not merely concepts, the are around us alive.”

I would venture to add Mohammed to that group as well.

And from an Interview with Thich Nhat Hanh:


All violence is injustice. The fire of hatred and violence cannot be extinguished by adding more hatred and violence to the fire. The only antidote to violence is compassion. And what is compassion made of? It is made of understanding. When there is no understanding, how can we feel compassion, how can we begin to relieve the great suffering that is there? So understanding is the very real foundation upon which we build our compassion.

How do we gain the understanding and insight to guide us through such incredibly challenging moments that we now face in America? To understand, we must find paths of communication so that we can listen to those who desperately are calling out for our understanding — because such an act of violence is a desperate call for attention and for help.

How can we listen in a calm and clear way so that we don’t immediately kill the chance for understanding to develop? As a nation we need to look into this: how to create the situations for deep listening to occur so that our response to the situation may arise out of our calm and clear mind. Clarity is a great offering that we can make at this time.

There are people who want one thing only: revenge. In the Buddhist scriptures, the Buddha said that by using hatred to answer hatred, there would only be an escalation of hatred. But if we use compassion to embrace those who have harmed us, it will greatly defuse the bomb in our hearts and in theirs.

And from Jesus:

You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Matthew 5:43-48 


We also pray for Thich Nhat Hanh’s recovery.

The Advent of our lives

Gratitude, of course, gratitude. I do have a job after all – a different job, but I am ok with that. The weight has lifted from my shoulders and the world seems just a bit brighter this morning.

Of course, that leaves me thinking and wondering – the waiting and the worrying all were great exercises in trusting God that the best thing for me would happen. Was I good at it? not bad I guess. I did give the situation to God, I did feel that the best thing would occur (and it did, a new job with the old company is better than the old job) so what are the lessons I learned, what would I be saying if I did lose my job? I tried to thank God for the situation even when I thought I was being let go, I did tell Him I knew He would take care of me no matter what, but it still wasn’t easy. I need to get better at child like trust so I can hang on to the peace that occurs despite what is happening around me, the peace amidst chaos.

“You make me think of a little child that is learning to stand but does not yet know how to walk. In his desire to reach the top of the stairs to find his mother, he lifts his little foot to climb the first stair. It is all in vain, and at each renewed effort he falls. Well, be this little child: through the practice of all the virtues, always lift your little foot to mount the staircase of holiness, but do not imagine that you will be able to go up even the first step! No, but the good God does not demand more from you than good will. From the top of the stairs, He looks at you with love. Soon, won over by your useless efforts, He will come down Himself and, taking you in His arms, He will carry you up… But if you stop lifting your little foot, He will leave you a long time on the ground.” ~Counsels and Reminiscences, St. Therese of Lisieux

Maybe as St. Therese pointed out, God saw my incomplete effort and swooped down to help. It surely doesn’t mean my effort was better than anyone’s – it wasn’t – and that is what caused the outcome. I wonder how I would be feeling today if I was jobless, what would this post be about then? Maybe the same thing, maybe with just a little different focus, maybe I would be saying, I wonder where God will take me next. I would like to hope I wouldn’t be in despair, but I would have been at least for a while.

Advent is a time of waiting, different of course, but waiting in joyful anticipation. Maybe all of these moments are advents of our own lives, when we are waiting for God to come in and be our salvation.

Happy waiting.

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